Benefits of extra care

Why extra care

"British Property Federation Housing and Care for Older People - Defining the Sector 2020."

  • There are currently around 11 million people aged over 65 in England & Wales.  By 2029 there will be over 13 million.
  • Extra Care Housing in England, as a proportion of the older population, is at least 5 times smaller than that of other comparable countries.
  • Present delivery rates are low with developers completing an average of 7,600 units of housing for older people each year between 2015 – 2019. 
  • The undersupply of housing for older people is likely to worsen as our population ages.
  • A 5 fold increase in Extra Care Housing delivery is needed over the next decade to keep up with the ageing population.

Growing demand & Continued Shortages

Cost Efficiencies of Extra Care

The long term ‘wellbeing’ benefits of Extra Care are well documented however there are also notable benefits to the health and social care systems. Over recent years, many local authorities and housing associations have sought to evaluate the financial benefits of Extra Care.  After assessing and reviewing independent publications, Preferred Homes Limited has adopted an estimate of cost savings per person per annum of:
  • Care and housing – £8,000
  • NHS – £2,000
  • Combined Savings – £10,000
This reflects annual savings at an 80 resident PHL Extra Care development of £800,000 or a total of £20 million over a 25 year nominations term.
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