Opening Autumn 2024

63 affordable Extra Care Apartments to rent Hunslet Hall Road, Beeston, Leeds

Hunslet Moor House will comprise of 51 one bedroom apartments and 12 two bedroom apartments. 

Apartments are designed as a retirement solution for residents who can live independently but need some elements of personal care and support.

Hunslet Moor House includes generous community space to support residents’ social activities, whilst providing opportunities for residents, their guests and visitors to meet and enjoy the community café.

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What is Extra Care Housing?

Extra Care Housing is specialist housing designed for older people, age 55 and over. It offers help with personal care and household chores, so it may be suitable if you have higher or changing care needs, but do not need full-time residential care. 

Am I Eligible?

You need to be:

  • be over 55 years of age;
  • be resident in the UK and have the right to rent;
  • be nominated by a local council or assessed through our referral process as being in need of housing.

Is an Extra Care Apartment right for me?

Hunslet Moor House is the perfect option if you are:

  • over 55;
  • struggling to maintain a bigger home;
  • in need of some extra support such as personal care;
  • feel lonely or isolated and 
  • keen to meet new friends and enjoy pop the social activities on offer. 

What is on offer at Hunslet Moor House?

How much does it cost?

You will need to pay for renting your home.
There are also associated service charges, care and support costs, and day-to-day living costs such as energy, council tax, telephone, internet, and groceries. Most residents will pay for some of these costs via Housing Benefits.

It’s important to know what benefits you are eligible to claim as you may be able to use them to meet some or all of the costs of living in Extra Care. Further advice and contact details can be found on the website – Welfare rights (

If you think yourself, or an older person that you support is struggling you can get advice from Adult Social Care about what support you can receive
telephone: 0113 222 4401 or

What staff are on-site?

There will be an on-site manager responsible for everyday management and maintenance of Hunslet Moor House. They will be the
dedicated staff member looking after the safety and happiness of all residents and the main point of contact on a daily basis.
Based on resident’s needs, support will also be available by carers on-site, if required.

How to apply for Hunslet Moor House?

To rent an apartment you will need to complete a referral form. There are two ways to apply for one of our homes:

  • Through your local council
  • By applying to us directly.

Register with Leeds City council

If you’ve applied to be on your local council’s housing register, they can nominate you for one of our homes.

Apply to us directly

You can express an interest and refer yourself by filling in this form or emailing

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